Inaugural Meeting 9th June 2015

Chloe Smith MP called on Members of Parliament to attend an inaugural meeting for the reestablishment of the All Party Parliament Group for Youth Unemployment.

Agenda Items

1. Chloe Smith MP stood as the Chair of the APPG and this was approved
2. Chloe Smith invited colleagues to stand as officers of the APPG and was also authorised to follow up the confirmation of officers outside the meeting with members across major parties in Parliament.
3. Chloe Smith MP proposed to change the name of the APPG for Youth Unemployment, and asked that it now be the APPG for Youth Employment. This motion was passed.
4. Chloe Smith MP proposed that Youth Employment UK CIC be appointed as the Secretariat for the APPG, this motion was approved.
5. Chloe Smith MP proposed some key areas for the APPG to build into its programme; these were as follows:

1. Statistical baselines and trends
2. Government policy
3. Local and regional innovation
4. International comparisons
5. Organisations to work with
6. Including businesses and young people in the work of the APPG

Members and the Secretariat have suggested that the following areas be brought into the programme:

1. Entrepreneurship and self-employment
2. Range of factors influencing employment
3. Vocational/academic balance
4. Work experience programmes
5. Careers Enterprise Co
6. ESA vs JSA
7. New models of employment
8. Preparing for work

6. Meeting Closed

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