AGM re-elects Officers, Chair & Secretariat

On the 20th July the APPG for Youth Employment held its AGM and the minutes including the re-election of offices, the chair and secretariat are detailed below:

In the last year the APPG led an inquiry into the Plan for Jobs and making youth employment policy work. This was the core business last year. Youth Employment UK do not receive any financial support, any support received was in-kind. 

James invited confirmation of officers for the APPG. Are all colleagues happy to go forward as officers for the APPG for next month? [All officers confirmed]


Fleur Anderson MP

Andrew Gwynne MP

Chris Green MP

Ben Bradley MP

Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle

Lord Aberdare

There is a vote on chair, James stated he was happy to continue for the next 12 months. Chris Green MP proposed, Lord Abedare seconded. 


James Daly MP 

James thanked Youth Employment UK, Laura-Jane and Josh for their fantastic work. James raised the vote of Youth Employment UK as the secretariat. Chris Green MP proposed, James Daly MP seconded. 


Youth Employment UK CIC

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