APPG & Youth Employment Group Meeting- levelling up for young people

On Tuesday 20th of July, the APPG for Youth Employment held a joint meeting with the Youth Employment Group to share and discuss the Groups latest paper: Levelling up for young people : Building an opportunity guarantee.

The meeting began with a presentation from Anna Smee, CEO of Youth Futures Foundation and a co-chair of the Youth Employment Group. Followed by a panel discussion which included APPG Chair James Daly MP, David Gallagher CEO of NCFE and Anna. The session was chaired by Youth Ambassador Amran.

During the discussion Amran asked the panellist what levelling up meant for them and what should be the focus of the governments agenda in the next 6 and 12 month period.  Amran also asked what levelling up would mean at a local level and where the differences would be seen regionally and at macro levels.

After the panel discussion delegates were moved into rooms to discuss key aspects of the Levelling up paper, rooms were chaired by the Youth Employment Group exec team and brought back together to discuss key findings.

Stage 1 – A September Guarantee
Stage 2 – Investing for the future
Stage 3 – Delivering for young people

You can download the minutes and the link to the meeting session here. Minutes 20_07_2021

What next?

Whilst politicians head into recess it is the job of the Youth Employment Group and its membership to really bring the calls and recommendations of this paper together. The Group will be meeting with senior government officials and looking at the papers recommendations and what they mean for the Spending Review.

Upon the return of MPs the APPG for Youth Employment will be setting out its asks and the 2021/22 agenda for the APPG.

You can get involved in this work by sharing your support for the paper by using any of the social media cards, joining the Youth Employment Group and subscribing to the APPG.

Youth Employment UK is delighted to have been able to bring the work of the APPG and the Youth Employment Group together.

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